Blockchain User Experience - Attendee Feedback


Ray did a great job last night. Interesting, informative, and by the end of the night, after downloading wallets and transacting in BTC, we were able to generate transactions and share sats via the lightning network. Very Cool! Thanks again Ray!

Blockchain Consultant
Attended 9/18/2019


Even though the subject of blockchain can be somewhat intimidating because of all the different aspects involved in it, Ray has an amazing way of patiently sharing his extensive, abundant knowledge and experience in this field.
The last event was so informational!!
Not only was all my questions answered, but he provided a solid foundation on them answers so I could go home and dig way deeper to continue expanding my understanding on this subject.
Once again Thank you so much! For doing this Ray! and I can not wait for this next event!

Redondo, WA
Attended 9/18/2019



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