Course Outlines

CourseOverview LinkSlides
Blockchain User Experience Meetup Course Blockchain User Experience
Hyperledger Composer Demo video 11 minute video HLComposerDemo20190408.mp4
10x 3.5hr blockchain overview classes Outline only 10x3.5hrClasses.xlsx, in progress. Targeted for Code Fellows, Seattle, WA
Business Blockchain Overview with Hyperledger slides only HyperledgerOverviewBlueberry.pptx for Blueberry Consulting
Hyperledger Fabric Minimal Install Lab/Demo 8.Hyperledger Minimal Install Demo/Lab.txt FabricInstall.pptx for Hyperledger Seattle Meetup
Hyperledger Blockchain Overview 1.HyperledgerBlockchainOverview.txt HyperledgerOverview.pptx for UW Blockchain Society, 10/29 and Blueberry Consulting
Overview Lunch BlockchainLunchEmailOrFlyerContent.docx


My main interest is teaching courses. A second priority is creating raw technical content like note cards and text outlines. I'm less interested in graphical slide decks, student guides, class flyers, or websites.

I'm interested in working with independent partners to host the class and provide materials as they see fit. Partners can set their own prices, register students, and pay the site fees and instructor.

I don't mind if my outlines or material are delivered by other instructors.


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